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Isn't it a joy to know that before we were formed in our mother's womb God knew us?[Jeremiah 1: 5]
It's not always easy to remember this but that's why Becoming Godly Characters is here to remind us that we are not alone and that God knows our names!

Our website is all about sharing with you experiences and resources that have helped us to grow spiritually as we work towards becoming more like Jesus. Be inspired, be encouraged and be motivated as you browse to either discover something new or remind and affirm yourself of God's love for you.

~ Keisha-Marie, BGC Director

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Declaring God's Word

Poems Gallery

These poems were written more than 20 years ago.  Feel free to read, smile to yourself, and drop us a line if you need to reuse.

My Strength is Made Perfect

My strength is made perfect, whenever you’re weak,
Listen closely to My voice and you’ll hear Me speak;
I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
I am the God of all creation, and I will be your friend

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Don't You Just Hate It!

Don’t you just hate it when things aren’t going your way?
When you have to listen to everything a mom or dad say
Don’t you just hate it when parents feel they’re always right...
And everything you suggest or state, against it they fight.

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Heaven Is

Heaven is the place where the Church will go,
When Jesus returns for His bride..
Then all our forefathers and friends we’ll know,
We’ll praise God and sit by His side.

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Pay Day

It was Friday the 25th,
And I thought I was rich
Because it was the day...
When mi woulda get di 'whole heap' a pay!

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Be Encouraged!

At times life seems boring,
At times it’s so much fun...
Yet there are times we wish we could change everything,
That could possibly exist under the sun.

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A Mother's Role

A mother’s role is very important:
It should not be replaced by a child,
A mother is mature, apt to teach, and is not reluctant;
Despite all her problems, she’ll show a smile.

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Many of us go through times of discouragement, depression and anxiety during different stages of our lives. Our BLOG shares relatable topics that will encourage and motivate you.  Take the time to read and share your thoughts and testimony with us. Remember that iron sharpens iron and besides, we'd love to hear from you!