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Isn't it a joy to know that before we were formed in our mother's womb, God knew us (Jeremiah 1: 5)? He had a plan for us from the very beginning! It's not always easy to remember this especially in the face of everyday adversities but God's plan for us is greater than we can ever imagine or think. This is what we believe at; we believe in God's love for us and His will for us to overcome the world through the blood of Jesus and by the word of our testimony. As you read, watch, and share, I pray that you will find strength and courage for your journey. Always remember that you are never alone!

Together, let's journey to become stronger and more like our Heavenly Father; I challenge you to be strong and very courageous for the Lord your God is with you whereever you go (Joshua 1: 9)!

~ Keisha-Marie, BGC Director

Poem of the Month

My Strength is Made Perfect

My strength is made perfect, whenever you’re weak,
Listen closely to My voice and you’ll hear Me speak;
I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
I am the God of all creation, and I will be your friend.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, cause you don’t know what it brings
Just think of all your blessings and all my praises sing
Glorify me in everything that you do
And I will make a way – just for you

I made you in My likeness, you are one of a kind
Seek Me in My fullness and you will find
Comfort, joy, mercies and sweet rest
Trust in Me and I’ll give you the very best

I know your wants and I also see your needs
But above your own will, I want you to take heed
Cause the things of this world will only last for a time
But My Words will give you peace of mind

You question and doubt the signs of My coming
But prepare yourself for the enemy is cunning
The more you fast and pray, the closer he’ll draw to you
To steal your joy, your peace, and your salvation too

So get deeper in Me and stand firm
My Spirit will lift up a standard and you will learn
That My grace is sufficient, my Words are unique
And My strength is made perfect whenever you’re weak.

© 2000, Keisha-Marie Edwards-Smith

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Many of us go through times of discouragement, depression and anxiety during different stages of our lives. BGC blogs share relatable topics that will encourage and motivate you.  Take the time to read and share your thoughts and testimony. Remember that iron sharpens iron and besides, I'd love to hear from you!