God wants us to REJOICE

Verb of the monthThe word 'REJOICE' is a happy word but a hard thing to do. Choosing to rejoice in the face of adversity, suffering or the simplest of challenge is never easy. How can I rejoice when I don't see a way out of my situation? How can I rejoice when I can't pay my bills? How can I rejoice when God is taking so long to deliver me? Can you relate? I certainly can!

Rejoicing calls for being happy in spite of; it requires me making an effort to choose joy.  Hmm... making an e-f-f-o-r-t … that's work - ugh! (As if I don't already have enough to do... sigh!) BUT, before I quickly jump to say that I can't or don't want to... let's evaluate what is required for me to rejoice.

Let's just say that I do try to always rejoice - it would mean that I will need to become aware - all the time - of whenever I start feeling sadness and ungratefulness within my spirit. Does that make sense? I would need to become conscious of my feelings and begin to take keen note of what makes me become grouchy. That's not so bad... that's like doing a self-evaluation... just that I'd have to do it all the time.  This must mean I'll have to change my thinking too... if I tell myself that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, then actually try to become more aware, I could actually start to experience something … different!  On the other hand, if I cannot bother to try, I'd get stuck with being sad, miserable with myself and with everyone around me... and this could go on for hours or even days.

Hmm. I believe this is where I pray for God's wisdom and help. "Lord, I want to rejoice like your Word says that I should. This is hard to do on my own... please help me!"  Little by little, I know God will help me to become more like Him - a Godly character.