Our Journey. Episode 4.

Growing up, Kerry was always the ‘go-getter’ while I was the uncertain one – she is always logical and knows what she wants to do… at least that’s how I see her. My sister is entrepreneurial and is always reaching for the stars – for example, in 2004, she started a bookstore and a computer repairs/accessories internet cafe – with Jamaica’s economy at the time, I still have no idea how she managed to pull that off for almost two years before she left the country. Her tenacity and determination to succeed is always motivating her to try new things! Her husband is equally zestful and the two are always up to taking on tasks that to the average person, seems risky. It was no surprise to the family that in 2018, they announced and started an international grocery store in Texas. Kerry’s determination and zeal are her signatory marks and I strongly believe that God has given her the same spiritual strength and courage for this season of pain. She has been very strong and brave despite the enemy’s attempt to steal, kill and destroy. Notwithstanding, we armored up and prepared ourselves for the chemotherapy (chemo) journey.

Kerry and I in early November 2019 before her oral chemo started

Chemo does not have the same effect on everyone and while the doctors do their best to help patients through its use, the reaction of each patient is highly subjective. After Kerry’s first surgery was done to remove her glands, the next step was to tackle the tumors in her liver and pancreas with an attempt to shrinking them. We prayed, fasted and trusted God to lead us into the process and to guide the doctors with wisdom and knowledge. Humanly speaking, there is always a feeling of fear that seeks to overtake us when an outcome is uncertain and the chemo pathway was no different… my eyes were opened to so many things in life that I had begin to take for granted. The first chemo was in the form of injections – those started in late August 2019. Kerry had to keep returning for the injection treatments as an outpatient and we were happy about this because she got to be in the comfort of home with her family.

About three (3) months into the treatment and by mid- to late November 2019, we were a bit saddened after the doctors tested and realized that the tumors were not responding to the medication. Kerry looked okay on the outside but the tumors were being stubborn. We fought hard emotionally to stay strong and every day God sent His Word through scriptures, songs, and the prayerful support of family and friends. With the unresponsive tumors, the doctors recommended changing the chemo and in late November to early December 2019, Kerry started taking oral chemo. To our dismay, within three (3) days of her starting the oral chemo, we started seeing some very discouraging signs. Almost instantly, Kerry’s body began to respond negatively to that treatment – her body was poisoned and as a result, she developed severe inflammation in her mouth and throat; she could not eat for days. Her face started swelling disproportionately, she was rapidly losing more hair, and her complexion changed to an even darker pigmentation – to say we became very concerned is an understatement! The new developments had sprung up so quickly and by the first week in December, Kerry was back in the hospital for two (2) weeks – she had to be fed through a tube. The season pressed us extremely hard but our faith remained anchored in Jesus.

Speaking of an anchored faith, I am reminded of the scripture which says,

“These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold- though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”

1 Peter 1: 7 (NLT)

My family’s trials are many but we have chosen to not lose hope. We believe that God is with us every step of the way – we believe that through our trials, we are learning to love each other more; we are also growing in our belief and in our faith in Jesus. While our faith continues to be tested, we choose to trust our God with every fiber of our being just because we know and have proven that He is faithful! Hallelujah! In ‘Our Journey, Episode 5,’ I will share with you how family and friends can make a huge impact especially through fiery trials. Until then, walk good.

God bless you!


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  1. As I read, my mind reflected on the days when we, like ‘ tender plants ‘ received the elements for growth and sustenance from the Word, as shared in speech and song from the late- Rev. George Mason. Yes! we must agree that he anchored his faith in Christ. Through the unction of the Holy Spirit, he encouraged us to ‘walk by faith and not by sight’. He encouraged us to believe in the immutable God, who does ‘Move in a Mysterious Way.’ The ‘Season of Relief’ is imminent, so, let us marshal our strength, as we CONTINUE to praise and pray, just like how the Bishop would encourage.

    God is working His purpose out. Kerry is already a ‘Winner’. Through her angelic voice, she reminded us during our ministry,(while in Jamaica) and continues to do so, in ways that are best interpreted by the Most High, that ‘In Heaven’s Eyes, There are No Losers.’

    Keisha, God has allowed both of you to share this blessing – in the midst of the storm. Yes! in our weakness, He gives Strength! We CONTINUE to pray and praise, because God is His Own Interpreter, and He is Already Making It Plain……

    Let us trust His Purpose!

    Bless your heart Keisha….Bless Your heart Kerry!

    We Bless the Heavens for You!

    Anticipating more…

    1. We had some very good days and a great foundation Lavine. God saw to it that we were prepared for a Journey that would bring Him glory! Thanks for your prayers and love. Please continue to lift us up.

      Blessings every time,


  2. To God be the glory, great things He has done!
    I am blessed to read these episodes (I am seeing them today for the first time), for God has shown His faithfulness and I am rejoicing along with you all about it!

    I remember when I heard about Kerry’s hospitalization – my mind flashed to memories, not of my recent visit to you all in Texas, not to when Kerry and Alden and the kids visited me and prayed for me in South Carolina, but when I spent a weekend or two at your home as a teen.
    I began to cry out Lord, no, not Kerry! I remember vividly how you two would spend time singing praises to God even while cleaning up around the house.

    I remember how you all and your church friends would stand around a discuss natural hairstyles and also have pure Christian fun. I remember that I began back then to want what you all had- I became jealous.🙂

    I was happy to read in one of the earlier episodes where you said, in the shower God spoke to you a rhema word. I do LOVE it when He does! I can certainly relate. I thank Him for doing that then, propelling you to the forefront of this fight. Keisha, thank you for allowing the Lord to lead you to travel to the USA when you did. Thank you, on behalf of the children- yours and Kerry’s- who are the next generation who are observing and learning of the faith you all have in a matchless God. Thank you on behalf of all of us who will read this book (even now in the blog stage) and have our faith strengthened and renewed. Thank you again for letting Him use you in bringing us this testament of His goodness. I give Him all the praise!!

    I am also very grateful for your mom (mighty woman of faith!) Alden and the rest of your family and friend circles who kept the faith and held on strong. I join you all in praising God that He that started the good work of healing my friend and picking her up from the hospital bed, is FAITHFUL to carry it on to completion.

    (Sorry for the lengthy response but I literally saw all episodes today and am excited.)


    1. You are such a blessing. Thank you for your words of encouragement and love. I’m glad that you were blessed from reading. Our God is well-able and worthy of every praise! Testifying through this medium is my little way of sharing His faithfulness.

      Let’s continue to look to Him for the battle is not ours… it’s the Lord’s 🤗

  3. Hey Keisha, thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the journey the Father has called your family to walk through in this season. Though we may never understand the mind of God we can always trust Heart. Challenging as I am sure it is, I know the Father is please with your family’s resolve of reckless abandon. I continue to pray the will and purpose of God be fully materialize in Kerry’s journey. We know trial by fire is God’s thing. But we can rest assured He is standing in that fire with you guys. Our human desire is for bodily healing and our hope is that God will bring that to pass for Kerry. He is still not done yet so we stand in resolved hope. My prayers are with all of you.

    Best Regards

  4. I love how you telling us about this journey. This hit close to home. Knowing Kerry then and to see her this way now saddens me . But, we serve a true and living God who just wants us to trust and believe him.

    1. Indeed we do Janice! The steps of the good man are ordered by the Lord so even in this journey, we will continue to look to the Giver of life! God is faithful!


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