Pay Day!

It was Friday the 25th
And I thought I was rich
Because it was the day…
When mi woulda get di ‘whole heap’ a pay!

I had to go to the doctor,
I had to pay my bills,
I also had a little shopping to do
Then purchase for my sickness, some big ole capsule pills!

Then I became so broke the following day,
Which made me think and had to say:
“Di likkle quatti whey mi tink sey did nuff…
It dun a’readi … bwoy life ruff!”

Can you imagine me for the rest of the month,
I guess I’ll probably have to go on a hunt:
No money at all, not even a nanny,
No lunch nor bus fare, might as well stay home – entertain mi granny!

You want to hear the honest truth?
Let me take the matter from the root!
“Don’t think of getting rich from dis ya organization
Cause you’ll end up a pauper in poor civilization!”

© Keisha-Marie Edwards-Smith