Be Encouraged

At times life seems boring,
At times it’s so much fun…
Yet there are times we wish we could change everything,
That could possibly exist under the sun.

Why does this happen? Why do I feel this way?
Why is it that no one seems to have anything to say?
Why ask so much questions, and keep wearing a frown?
Don’t you know that one-day you will wear a crown?

You say you feel lonely, you say you feel sad;
But why need to worry when Jesus can make you glad?
Why think about heartaches? Why think about your loss?
When Jesus died for you on Calvary’s cross!

Cheer up, friend, there are lots to be happy about,
Start praising Gods Name, just sing and shout,
You’ll see the joy He’ll bring to your life;
Your worries will be over, indeed, you will strive.

© Keisha-Marie Edwards-Smith