A Mother’s Role

A mother’s role is very important
And should not be replaced by a child
A mother is mature, apt to teach, and is not reluctant
Despite all her problems, she’ll show a smile

Mothers of today are extremely too young
They have no experience to raise a child the right way
So instead of fulfilling the mother’s job to be done
Young mothers and their children go astray

Thank God for the efficient mothers who
Grow their children in the fear of the Lord
Those who are not afraid to correct or do
Disciplinary things which lead to great rewards

The love of a mother cannot be compared
To silver or gold or dime
That’s why it’s important to know the mother’s purpose
Before indulging in the scene to the crime

Let’s take this special time to say though
To all the WONDERFUL mothers who have made us proud
Mothers, may God continue to show you
The joy and gaiety of motherhood

© Keisha-Marie Edwards-Smith, 1999